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Career Assessments

Are you feeling lost, disengaged, frustrated, uncertain or dissatisfied with your current career path? 

A research based career assessment can help to provide clarity and direction.

This popular package contains an introductory appointment followed by the career assessment being given. After it is completed and reviewed, I provide an interpretation of the results, calculate additional scores, provide links for further research and a debriefing. It “is one of the world’s most respected and widely used career planning tools.”

*The Strong Interest Inventory is a level B instrument which means that access and administration of this assessment must be done by a trained and certified practitioner To learn more about the Strong Interest Inventory please click here to visit their website.

The Strong can be a valuable tool in helping you:

• Achieve satisfaction in your work

• Identify career options consistent with your interests

• Choose appropriate education and training relevant to

your interests

• Maintain balance between your work and leisure activities

• Understand aspects of your personality most closely

associated with your interests

• Determine your preferred learning environments

• Learn about your preferences for leadership, risk taking,

and teamwork

• Use interests in shaping your career direction

• Decide on a focus for the future

• Direct your own career exploration at various stages in

your life

As a Certified Practitioner through Psychometrics Canada I am able provide these assessments to clients anywhere within Canada.

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